Our mission is to empower underrepresented community members by providing greater access to opportunities that increase knowledge of and practice toward 360° of physical, spiritual and mental wellness.


The goal of our work is to support 360˚of wellness to empower underrepresented community members to reach their full potential”


Circle of Discipline holds three core values that influence every bit of our work with the community:

  • Strength in community relationships from an individual to an organizational level
  • Serving the WHOLE PERSON with an understanding of the interplay between their mental, physical and spiritual health and their historical and current social contexts
  • Embracing non-traditional strategies for learning life’s most important lessons


Our logo represents 360° of physical, mental and spiritual balance. The first step towards this balance is being physically fit (regular exercise, healthy diet, positive sleeping habits, alcohol, drug and tobacco free, etc). When a person feels good physically they mentally begin to feel good (the thinking process is clearer and more focused). When those two components are in line with one another then a person begins to spiritually feel healthier (emotionally stable positive self-esteem, confidence, etc).