Circle of Discipline was founded on our vision to empower underrepresented community members to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

We pride ourselves on building close community and individual relationships and teaching the skills necessary. While we have traditionally empowered our community through boxing technique and physical fitness, we have always set our sights to a wider variety of activities to support our community’s growth.

For these reasons, with the limited resources we have, we have offered leadership groups (Pursuit of Discipline group) and independent living skills workshops on things such as financial literacy, job readiness and nutrition. We have also offered opportunities for youth in our community to explore activities they would not otherwise have access to like camping, ice fishing and open water fishing. In the past we have offered tutoring, salsa classes, yoga classes, and much more. Our goal is to empower our members by creating greater access to opportunities that increase knowledge of, and practice toward 360˚ of physical, spiritual and mental health and wellness.

To that end, we are dreaming big! We want to expand into a bigger space so that we may serve more community members! We want to be able to have regular health fairs! We want to be able to teach our members how to farm! How to start a business! Environmental sustainability! The sky's the limit!

But we can only do these things with your help! If you share our vision, please make a donation or volunteer your time to support our current programming and watch us grow to see our vision be a reality.