It has been my pleasure over the last year to partner with the Circle of Discipline to promote an amateur boxing program for Brooklyn Park youth. I greatly appreciated the Circle's enthusiasm and consideration for the program when I first came to them in the fall of 2010.

I feel that the boxing program which was formed in 2010 in collaboration with the Circle of Discipline has been beneficial for youth in Brooklyn Park, because it specifically targets at-risk youth and others interested in Boxing. Boxing is a type of sport that doesn't teach others to be violent or "how to be a bully." Instead, it is a sport that provides self-confidence, self-esteem, respect, modesty, and versatility - keeping youth off the streets and from crime, gang affiliation, and substance abuse. Boxing is a sport that embraces at risk youth because it becomes their physical and/or mental outlet in life and often a safe haven from dysfunctional surroundings. At risk youth very often don't fit in the "box" of being an orthodox adolescent, thus, they don't always fit in well in the conventional team sport. I believe boxing can be and often is the method needed to teach youth moral conduct, technique, discipline, skills, self-esteem, and how to control emotions.

I am continuing our relationship with the Circle of Discipline in 2011 because of the great success we had last year with dramatically reducing negative behavior of our kids in and out of school. As always we are continuing to look at ways to better improve the program.

Detective Russ Czapar #172
Brooklyn Park, MN

Greetings. This letter is in support of the Circle of Discipline. The Circle of Discipline is a community health facility that has helped countless youth and adults throughout the Twin Cities metro through healthy living programs, afterschool activities, mentorships, and volunteering. Countless young people including myself have taken part in these programs spreading positive messages throughout the community.

I have witnessed many youth from the most destitute situations come into the Circle of Discipline and turn their lives around for the better. All of your support is greatly appreciated.

Toki Wright
Program Coordinator/Advisor, McNally Smith College of Music


The Circle of Discipline is like my second house. The Circle has helped me focus on my dreams and hopes. They have believed in me so now I believe that if I put my mind and effort to anything I want to achieve. I can reach my goals and dreams. I'd rather be at the gym than on the streets or any other place. Everyone at The Circle of Discipline is like my family. I feel good and safe being around the Circle Club and all of its members. I hope to always keep going to The Circle of Discipline.

Alexis Gomez

The Circle of Discipline has taught me how to be respectful and disciplined about many things. Before I came here, I behaved badly in school and at home. But after I started coming to The Circle, they taught me how to be disciplined and respect my mom and teachers. At The Circle of Discipline, they teach you how to be the best boxer you can be and the best person that you can be. They care about you alot. I really enjoy training here. They are like a family to me.

Isaiah Abalan

The Circle of Discipline has been a Quality After School program for youth for a number of years.

This program provides youth with positive role models. Staff there are of high character. The staff builds relationships that promote healthy social, emotional, and personal development.

The Circle of Discipline is a very positive outlet for youth who have an interest in physical development. The Boxing program has produced high level competitors. The training and time commitment has helped train youth to become more productive individuals in the family and in the community.

The Circle of Discipline is a vital resource in the community. The program connects with youth and establishes lifelong relationships, provides self-esteem and confidence in youth that have limited adult relationships. Research suggests that quality programming, such as the programming provided by the Circle of Discipline has long term, positive impact on a youth's successful adult life. The Circle of Discipline is creating assets in youth.

If your commitment is for the future, the Circle of Discipline should be a program that receives the needed resource to provide quality services to our and the Community.

Roger E. "Roy" Artis III
Hennepin County DOCCR, Juvenile Probation