Circle of Discipline, Inc. founded in 1993 by Mr. Sankara Frazier.

Born and raised in South Minneapolis, Sankara witnessed the deterioration of Minneapolis communities and families and began volunteering as an amateur boxing coach in metro area gyms in an effort to give back to the community. Realizing that coaching was simply not enough to truly help the young adults living in poverty-stricken communities plagued with violence, crime, substance abuse, prostitution, and much, much more, he formed the Circle of Discipline.


The Circle is a community transforming challenges into strengths.

The goal of every one of our programs is not only to help members become physically healthy, but to help them achieve a sense of mental, spiritual and social well-being.

The feeling of family at the Circle of Discipline creates an environment in which this is possible. Many of our members often come back as volunteers to serve as role models for younger members. At COD, everyone is welcomed, accepted and respected regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity.


Our mission is to empower underrepresented community members by providing greater access to opportunities that increase knowledge of and practice toward 360° of physical, spiritual and mental wellness.


The goal of our work is to support 360˚of wellness to empower underrepresented community members to reach their full potential.

Sankara Frazier, founder of the Circle, of Discipline and his team of professionals utilize techniques and skills from the physical elements of boxing to create a road map that includes academic support, moral support, guidance and a sense of community, which embodies a balanced lifestyle.

The Circle is an organization that clearly encompasses the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements for success in life.