“Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.” -Mike Tyson

This program is designed to use boxing technique, martial arts and physical fitness activities to teach youth and young adult participants self control, emotional regulation, problem solving and decision making skills. The coaches, trainers and volunteers for our Lifestyles Fit program have certifications through the United States Olympic Committee, USA Boxing and/or by a Martial Arts Grand Master. They also have CPR/First Aid certifications.

Physical Fitness Activities – supports youth in cycling, jogging, group workouts and personalized training to help them engage in and create goals for personal wellness. We believe that by leading youth through our workouts we provide guidance to aid in their development in the following evidence-based ways*:

1) Provides Participants with a New Identity
2) Promotes and Offers Safety
3) Provides Discipline
4) Uses Defense as a Metaphor
5) Improves Impulse Control and Patience
6) Develops Ability to Focus
7) Teaches Commitment and Offers Meaning
8) Teaches and Provides Respect
9) Relieves Stress
10) Fosters Mutual Aid

These attributes help to build our participants into leaders, providing the support they need to succeed in a community and/or family lifestyle with numerous barriers to success such as family violence, drugs, community violence, unemployment, prostitution and more.

* Wright, Whitney (2006) "Keep It in the Ring: Using Boxing in Social Group Work with High-Risk and Offender Youth to Reduce Violence," Social Work With Groups, 29:2, 149-174

Amateur Boxing – is a program that provides youth and young adult participants an opportunity to use skills gained from their practice of physical fitness training to compete in amateur competitions. Amateur Boxing gives an in-depth knowledge of the importance of physical fitness and positive eating habits, which in the long-term prevents many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and cancer just to name a few. Our amateur boxers train as a team and travel locally and nationally to compete in tournaments all throughout the year. Participants interested in competing in amateur tournaments will be able to do so following assessment and approval by Circle of Discipline coaches.

Martial Arts – is a vital program offered at the Circle of Discipline for multiple reasons. It gives the youth another alternative to participate in a program other than boxing that provides the same guidance and support to youth. Martial Arts has many health benefits ranging from muscle strengthening to being a stress release. It enhances your aerobic and cardiovascular conditioning, balance, flexibility, coordination and also provides self-defense techniques. It has positive effects on the mind as the training involves great concentration and self control.

Due to limited resources, Circle of Discipline is currently offering martial arts instruction on a limited basis for those who qualify for this program.

Monday-Thursday Classes
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm 8-13 years old
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 14+ years old